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  • January13th

    1/16/2016 Scrimmage Schedule (click here)

  • January13th

    Whenever Columbus Public Schools are closed, basketball practices will be cancelled.

  • October8th

    The Developemental Youth Basketball League

    The Developmental Youth Basketball League (The d-League) is entering its 10th year of service and we are excited to unveil a few improvements. The d-League was founded with fundamental development as the main focus and as the game continues to evolve we must evolve with it. Starting with our Winter 2015/2016 season we will transition to a new practice format which will allow us to lay a consist fundamental foundation league wide. Another exciting improvement is our preseason coaches clinic that will ensure that all of our players are learning the same basketball concepts that will help them be successful in the future. Lastly, our games will be officiated by licensed referees.

    • Registration is Open (click here)
    • $70 (discounts are available for multiple family members)
    • 8 week, Co-ed league
    • Age groups: 4-6 year olds, 7-9 year olds, 10-13 year olds
    • Draft will be held Saturday, January 2nd
      • 10am 4-6 year olds
      • 11am 7-9 year olds
      • 12pm 10-13 year olds
    • First game will be played Saturday, January 16th
    • Each team will practice once per week (focus on fundamentals)
    • Each player will receive a full uniform
    • Each player will receive an award at the end of the season

    Sample Practice Script

    Practices will be once per week for 75 minutes and will be formatted as follows:

    • 5 min – Dynamic Stretching
    • 32 min – (4) 8 min Stations
      • For example
        • Station 1 – Ball Handling
        • Station 2 – Shooting
        • Station 3 – Defense/Rebounding (Individual)
        • Station 4 – Speed/Agility/Balance
    • 3 min – Water
    • 10 min – Team Defense / Shell Drill / Motion Offense (Universal Team Concepts)
    • 25 min – Split off for individual team practice (coaches have freedom to work on specialized team concepts)

    For more information you can contact us at dleagues.basketball@gmail.com or call Lamont Tillman at 614-989-5793. Register Below Today!!

    Register Online Today (click here)